My plans for 2015

A lot of PF bloggers love writing about their “goals”. I personally prefer talking about “plans” instead.

I think plans are more flexible than goals. I like flexibility, and don’t necessarily like the “pass” or “fail” aspect of goals.

So here are my plans for this year:


  • Save 5K to be divided between my RRSP and regular savings
  • Have 10K to my name. If the above point is completed, I should exceed this number
  • Switch to D.I.Y investing: this one is long overdue!


  • Monitor expenses in general and particularly groceries & personal care
  • Complete a 6-month shopping ban on clothes and shoes: last year, I spent $ 1 000 in this category. I can’t remember what I bought, and I also donated a couple of bags of clothing to charity.


  • Keep paying my debt and obviously not incur any new one!


  • Plan a vacation to Hong-Kong: I have wanted to visit this city for a long time.
  • Take a couple of classes in personal finances

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