2016 plans

Hello 2016! I hope you had a great holiday season, I sure did.

Now it is back to work and also time to look at the year ahead and what I would like to accomplish.

Here are my plans for 2016:


  • Save $ 5 000
  • Keep paying down my debt and not incur any new one
  • Increase debt repayment by $ 100 per month
  • Learn more about stock and dividend investing


  • Explore career options: I have been in administration and accounting for 15 years. This is no longer “talking” to me. Time to figure out my next move.

Personal life

  • Take better care of myself, i.e. getting enough sleep, exercising regularly etc…sometimes it is challenging for me to do these seemingly simple things
  • Date more!

This year, there is no shopping ban or monitoring of expenses, as these are no longer relevant to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I still track my spending, but it is under control and I am confident I can keep it that way. I don’t plan to go on a shopping spree either!

Although I am a PF blogger, money is not all there is to me, far from it! I have also included more personal items.

I look forward to this year.

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