Update on 2016 plans

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I can’t believe it is already December and 2016 is almost over. I am actually glad this year is coming to an end, as it was insane as far I am concerned. Life always has a way of unfolding when you least expect it and despite the best laid plans. As John Lennon perfectly summed it up: “life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.”

Some of you readers know that back in April I decided to sell my condo, which I hadn’t initially planned to do just yet. Unfortunately, the building I used to live in could have pretty much been considered a “leaky condo building“. It necessitated tons of repairs and there was no money to do them, meaning that, as a homeowner, I would have been on the hook for close to 29K of special levies….No way that was going to happen. So, I put it for sale in June and sold at over-asking in less than a week thanks to red hot Vancouver real-estate market.

I was able to buy another condo in another city. Luckily, I didn’t get involved into a bidding war and was able to have a home inspection done, a scarcity in the Lower Mainland. That being said, I had to increase my initial budget by $ 10 000. To all the naysayers, including in the PF community, yes, I did the math before buying, and yes I can afford to live in my condo and save money and pay for my bills and live a little bit!

I actually contemplated going back to renting, but after further calculations and personal considerations, it did not make sense for me.

Work was also crazy-busy. The company I work in has been steadily growing over the last 2 years. Although it is a good thing, as I am not concerned about losing my job, I barely have time to catch my breath. It is definitely not how I want to live. I have been thinking about my career for a couple of years now and it is definitely time for a new direction.

Without further ado, let’s see where I am at with the plans I made earlier on this year:


  • Save $ 5 000: exceeded. Got a nice boost from the sale of my condo.
  • Keep paying down my debt and not incur any new one: I did not incur any consumer debt, but I did get a new mortgage…so technically not done.
  • Increase debt repayment by $ 100 per month: done. Put $ 1 200 to my consolidation loan, and it is now under 10K! 2018 will be the year of becoming consumer debt-free.
  • Learn more about stock and dividend investing: done and still in progress. It was not rocket-science! As usual, I let fear get the best of me instead of educating myself. I liquidated all the mutual fund losers I had had for a few years and started building my stock portfolio instead. My accounts are finally back in the black in terms of return.


  • Explore career options: I have been in administration and accounting for 15 years. This is no longer “talking” to me. Time to figure out my next move: in progress. I have explored other career options, mostly in the corporate world, but nothing really appealed to me. I also thought about obtaining an MBA which would have been a huge, costly mistake, as I simply don’t need/want one. There was one particular option I kept dismissing but it kept coming back and gnawing at me. I decided to listen and take a closer look. It actually makes perfect sense to me…and this is what I intend pursuing. I am not sharing more at this stage, sorry! Nothing is done yet, and my employer or coworkers might be reading my blog.

Personal life

  • Take better care of myself, i.e. getting enough sleep, exercising regularly etc…sometimes it is challenging for me to do these seemingly simple things: in progress. I definitely made efforts, but I need to constantly pay attention, otherwise I will right back into bad habits. My job is making things difficult, giving me further reasons to get things moving on the career front.
  • Date more! Pass. This year was simply too busy and I just didn’t have and didn’t make the time. This will be next year’s priority. I am single and don’t want to be. Time to change that!

I have also decided it will be my last post for 2016. I chose to say “yes” to other things instead, namely resting and taking time for myself. On top of all the above, I also traveled to France and had family over in my new dwellings. No wonder I feel close to burn-out!

This blog is a labor of love at the moment, i.e. it is not generating any money. I have already started brainstorming on my 2017 plans, and one of them is deciding what to do with this blog.

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for your readership and support!!










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