Being consumer-debt free: one year later

  A year ago, I finally became consumer-debt free, after being a slave to my monthly payments for close to 8 years. I am happy to report that I have not incurred any new debt in the last 12 months. Although I am aware it may change in the future, for the time being, I …

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Financial milestone: consumer-debt free!

June 23rd, 2018 marked the day I officially became consumer-debt free. 

Financial milestone: consolidation loan fully paid-off!

Yesterday, I made a lump-sum payment of a little over $ 8 000, effectively putting my consolidation loan to its final resting place.

Tackling debt

Now that you have decided to get your finances under control, the biggest challenge is to pay off your debt. The biggest question probably is “where do I start?”. A lot of people are in complete denial when it comes to their debt level, until they reach a breaking point. Before you actually make any …

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