The cost of being single

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As Valentine’s Day is looming, I found myself reflecting on my single status this week. My thoughts took a financial turn, as I realized being single costs me more than if I were in a relationship.

As a single person, I am 100% responsible for the full payment of my bills, as I do not have anyone to share the expenses with.

For example, putting a roof over my head costs me $ 1 100.00 per month or $ 13 200.00 per year. If I had a partner or husband, we would most likely split the cost 50/50, bringing the total down to $ 550 per month or $ 6 600 per year.

That’s a huge difference! And it is only for my housing costs. The same would probably go for hydro, cable, and perhaps car and groceries.

Sharing some expenses would free up quite a bit of cash; money that I could put towards my debt or in my investment accounts.

Being single, it will take me more time to pay off my debt and build a solid emergency fund, not to mention retirement savings. I also need solid insurance in case of illness or disability. Let’s not forget about a potential job loss….

It is not all doom and gloom though. I like the fact that my financial decisions are 100% mine and that I don’t have to debate or argue with anyone, let alone ask for “permission”. I also like being 100% responsible for my money.

As a woman, it is important for me to be financially independent. But, to reach and maintain this independence, I have had to factor in that being single costs me more.


  1. Interesting article. I think it is a sensitive topic. My friends who are paired-up always tell me how “lucky” I am to be single & how I can afford so much…yeah right!
    I don’t think they realize I live on one income, and that everything is paid out of that one income.
    I think they are the lucky ones!


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