Addressing privilege in personal finances

I have previously written about the element of privilege when it comes to FIRE, i.e. Financial Independence Retire Early.

Protecting your computer from hacking

We've all seen movies or TV shows about how prodigies are able to enter the most sophisticated systems like NASA or the Pentagon.

Reflections from 7 weeks of semi-confinement (200th post)

This post is a follow-up to a previous one, where I wrote about how I was coping during these unusual times. I apologize in advance if my writing seems messy, and perhaps not-so-coherent at times. My feelings are still fairly raw, and we're still in the pandemic, even though the BC government has introduced a …

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Lost your job? Don’t make these 3 mistakes!

There is a high probability you've been impacted by Covid-19. Whether you caught it, had to stay home to take care of children or lost your job, this virus definitely has had a huge impact on our lives and routines. In Canada, it may be weeks before we can go back to some semblance of …

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CERB updated

I previously wrote a post about the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, mainly to summarize the qualification criteria. This benefit has since been expanded to include more people. Additional clarifications were also provided. Updated eligibility criteria In order to receive CERB, you need to meet the following conditions: You’re a worker -either employed or self-employed- and …

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How I am handling my finances and coping during Covid-19

I have received a flurry of e-mails from readers asking me how I am handling my finances and my life in general during these uncertain times. Thanks for reaching out. I will gladly oblige. First, expressing gratitude As some of you know, I am based in Vancouver, Canada. Here, there is no "confinement" like in …

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CERB explained

This coming Monday, the application portal to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit -CERB- will open. CRA is already anticipating an overload on the system and has broken down application days by month of birth. The breakdown is here. The Agency has also provided more details in regards to eligibility. I will kindly summarize …

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Coronavirus: Canadian economy edition

In light of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the Canadian government announced an unprecedented economic package to help as many Canadians as possible during these turbulent times. It is unprecedented, indeed. Even in during the Great Recession of 2008, the measures implemented were nowhere close to what we're seeing now. This crisis was actually …

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My year in review

2019 was definitely one of my most powerful years to date. I recall having only 3 other like this in my life so far: 1999, 2000 and 2006. These 4 years all have 3 points in common: they involved extensive travels, they were definitely not the most lucrative and I was the happiest ever. 2019 …

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Mindful consumption

No, this post is not about me lecturing you on how you should completely change your habits overnight, such as becoming a vegetarian or only use public transit. These, quite frankly makes me cackle more than anything else.  What I would like to accomplish with this post is the start of an internal -or not- …

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