Coronavirus: Canadian economy edition

In light of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the Canadian government announced an unprecedented economic package to help as many Canadians as possible during these turbulent times. It is unprecedented, indeed. Even in during the Great Recession of 2008, the measures implemented were nowhere close to what we're seeing now. This crisis was actually …

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Don’t trade on the news: coronavirus & your money

The last couple of weeks have been turbulent market-wise. Fears of the coronavirus and its impact on the Chinese economy sent markets into bear territory worldwide. My own portfolio lost between 5% to 10% over that period. And I don't really care. Yes, you've read correctly. And, yes, you also guessed that I didn't sell …

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Blog Anniversary: 5 years

5 years ago, I published my very first post on the Money Savvy Blog. Its title was the cost of eating-out.  5 years and 181 posts later, my view on this particular topic hasn't changed. When convenience becomes a daily necessity, it will derail most financial plans. I still refuse to pay for these by …

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10 Financial killers

In my previous post, I shared how F.I.R.E. has an element of privilege to it.

To combine finances or not?

When two people are in a committed relationship, the question of moving-in together comes-up at some point.

The problem with personal finance blogs

I totally understand the post you are about to read may confuse you, and even more so since I am a personal finance blogger who has been blogging about personal finances for almost 3 years.

Choosing a Financial Advisor

Over the last week or so, 3-time Olympian Harold Backer has made headlines here, in British-Columbia, and not for the right reasons.

When and how to financially cut off your adult children

As I previously wrote, times have changed. Gone are the days of working in the same company for your entire career as well as receiving a generous pension plan upon retiring.

Financial things to do (and not to do) in your 30’s

The 30's are definitely an interesting decade. Chances are they are a mixed bag for most people in them, including myself: wedding, kids, house, career...etc. This decade is probably the most taxing on hard-earned dollars.