Feeling bamboozled by your Realtor?

The short answer to this question is "most likely".

Buying vs renting a home

Don't roll your eyes just yet. This is not another debate as to whether renting is better than buying or conversely.

Buying a foreclosed property

A property is considered in foreclosure when a lender obtains an order of sale from a Court and the owner is unable to redeem the property.

Buying a pre-sale property

Both the real-estate and construction sectors are hot commodities in Metro Vancouver. New developments are spurting everywhere and everyday. Clever marketing makes it sound and look very attractive to buy a piece of property without actually seeing the finished product. But is it really the case? Let's explore!

Mortgage penalty explained

In Canada, when you pay-off your mortgage early, lenders have the right to charge you a penalty for doing so. Mortgages are a huge business here, and even with low-interest rates, lenders are turning massive profits.

Closing costs in real-estate

Closing costs are payment for all the necessary items to conclude or "close" a real-estate deal. These fees are paid by both sellers and buyers but are different.

In favor of the “starter home” concept

I am glad June is over. Last month was definitely a whirlwind, hence the lack of activity on my blog. Thanks to the Vancouver red hot real-estate market, my condo sold for over-asking and in less than a week! It is definitely a sellers' market at the moment. As a buyer, I felt the pinch. …

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Choosing a Realtor when selling

Choosing the right Realtor can make or break a sale, therefore should not be done lightly

3 tips to sell your property faster and perhaps for more $

As I previously mentioned, I have been reassessing my living situation lately. I have actually decided to sell my condo. Beyond the repairs the building needs, I simply don't see myself living there on a long-term basis. I guess I have a whole new appreciation for the concept of "starter home". But, I digress here. …

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