Blog Anniversary: 5 years

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5 years ago, I published my very first post on the Money Savvy Blog. Its title was the cost of eating-out.  5 years and 181 posts later, my view on this particular topic hasn’t changed. When convenience becomes a daily necessity, it will derail most financial plans. I still refuse to pay for these by the way.

A number of things has changed in my life in 5 years. I became consumer-debt free, traded houses, switched to part-time work and decided to obtain an MBA. This one thing, however, hasn’t changed.

As for the topic of Personal Finance, my overall perspective has drastically shifted. I realized Financial literacy alone wasn’t enough, that some of the advice dispensed out there was way too generic, if not downright judgemental. It is not all about avocado toasts and lattes. It is more about focusing on the big picture and increasing income. There are Financial killers way more potent than lifestyle inflation. And, oh, living in the suburbs isn’t necessarily cheaper; and sometimes renting is the better option.

There are a few topics, however, on which my perspective hasn’t changed. I don’t see any change happening in the foreseeable future. Debt will always be debt; whether good or bad, it still needs to be paid off. The necessity of an emergency fund is not up for debate, regardless of how it is structured. A line of credit is not an emergency fund per se. While saving for the kids’ post-secondary education is not a requirement, saving for retirement is. To do so, becoming proficient in investing is a good start.

Last but not least, net worth has nothing to do with self-worth. It is also OK not to be into F.I.R.E. In the grand scheme of things, health is more important, as well as being grateful. Happiness can’t be bought on any stock exchange.

To conclude, here are the 5 most read posts for each year I have been blogging.

Blogiversary: One year!

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A year ago, I published my first post, the cost of eating-out. I can’t believe it has already been a year of blogging!

Initially, I started this blog to share my personal experience and what I learned about money. A year later, my goal is still the same.

My blog has also kept me more accountable and allowed me to meet supportive, interesting and like-minded people. There are people I have never met in person, but I value our “virtual encounter” just the same.

I also have to give a huge thanks to my readers and followers! The number of visitors has grown nicely since last year, and I hope it keeps growing.

For info, readers come mainly from Canada, the US, Brazil and Australia.

The most read post to date is the case for earning more money. No, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, just my opinion on income and expenses.

The second one is to tip or  not, a hot topic in North America.

Last but not least, to leverage or not, or whether we should borrow to invest.

I will see what the coming blogging year has in store for me, but it sure has been an interesting ride so far!