How I am handling my finances and coping during Covid-19

I have received a flurry of e-mails from readers asking me how I am handling my finances and my life in general during these uncertain times. Thanks for reaching out. I will gladly oblige. First, expressing gratitude As some of you know, I am based in Vancouver, Canada. Here, there is no "confinement" like in …

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Coronavirus and your expenses (with a BC twist)

Pandemic or no pandemic, we all have bills to pay....unfortunately. If, like many people, you are already feeling the pinch financially, let me give you some advice on which bills to pay first and any assistance that might be available to you. Since I live in British Columbia, I will provide information about the provincial …

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Life update and musings

I am aware I haven't blogged that much lately.

Why I don’t really blog about my own finances

A lot of fellow PF bloggers share their most intimate financial details online.

Time-weighted vs. Money-weighted rate of return

With the implementation of CRM2, Canadian banks, investments brokers, mutual funds dealers and other financial entities must disclose the method used to calculate the rate of return of a portfolio or investments like an ETF or a mutual fund.

Fun and cheap Valentine’s Day ideas

I have always been bemused by the sheer amount of money a lot of couples spend for Valentine's Day to "show" their love for one another.

Financial rules I like to bend or break

There are many financial rules we hear over and over again, and that we blindly follow. But before following any rule, we need to see if it is actually adapted to our own situation.

The personal aspect of personal finances

I sometimes wonder if I will ever be able to “make it” in the ever-growing, online world of personal finances. I have read a lot of blogs from folks seemingly like me, who have knocked down massive amounts of debt in record times. I am nowhere close to what they have accomplished….and in fact, that’s …

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