What I won’t do to save or pay-off debt

There are lots of things you can do to pay-off your debt or save money. However, there are a few items I am definitely not willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish this…and you shouldn’t either.

  1. Healthcare. When trying to cut down expenses or create a balanced budget, it can be very tempting to skip on healthcare costs and actually postpone dental appointments or not take your medication.

By doing so, you put yourself at risk of bigger and costlier problems. I did this once, with dental matters. I waited a few months too many, and when I finally met with my dentist, I had a couple of pretty bad teeth requiring additional care. Luckily, I had insurance and didn’t break the bank, which brings me to my next point.


  1. Insurance. Again, it can be tempting to increase your deductible, be under-insured and just forego insurance altogether. The money you think you are saving won’t even begin to cover for any damage you sustain. Even when I was unemployed, I have always maintained various insurances, e.g. health, home, car…. 6 months ago, my car was involved in a minor fender-bender. The total repairs came at over $ 2 000! I was glad my deductible was only $ 300 and that ICBC deemed my insurance level correct.


  1. Food. Although I am now far away from my former eating-out and grocery-shopping habits, I will not live off noodle to save money or pay-off my debt. The impact on my health and well-being is just not worth it.


What about you? What are you not willing to do to save money or pay-off debt? What do you do instead?

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