My vacation in Hong-Kong: the numbers

I have just come back to Vancouver, after 10 days in Hong-Kong -with a side trip to Macau-. I really needed the time-off and a break from my routine.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the fascinating city of Hong-Kong. Macau was equally great.

Being a PF blogger, it is time to reveal the costs and how I paid for my vacation.

The total cost of this trip came at $ 2 476.00, as follow:

  • Flight (Air China): $925
  • Accommodation (AirBnB): $618
  • Incidentals (food, public transit, admissions, souvenirs…): $777
  • Medical insurance: $23
  • Airport parking: $133

These costs were covered by both my salary and my tax refund. Easy, right?

I am paid on a bi-weekly basis, meaning I receive 26 paycheques per year, instead of 24 (semi-monthly). One of these 2 extra pays went a long way to pay for this trip.

Another portion was covered by my tax refund. The parking will be taken care of with my next paycheque.

All expenses except the incidentals were initially charged to my credit card, but it doesn’t mean I incurred debt to go on vacation.

Actually, I don’t believe in doing such thing, much less if the debt level is very high and the monthly budget not balancing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying no one should take a vacation if they have debt. I am still paying my debt off and went on a vacation! What I am saying is that a vacation should not be added to existing debts.


  1. I went to Hong Kong back in January, had a great time there. There are tons of things to see and do within the city and the views are awesome. Luckily I have family there so I was able to save on accommodations


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