Financial mistakes I made

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In my debt story, I mentioned a few financial mistakes I made in the past. The truth is that I made a few more:

Not taking advantage of a good living situation: when I first came to Canada, I lived in a host family. For $ 800/month, I had room and board, all utilities included. As soon as I found a job, I moved-out to my own apartment and it was way more expensive.

If I had stayed another 6 months, I would have been able to save a lot of money. My financial situation would have also been very different.

Not considering a roommate: when I decided to move-out, having a roommate didn’t even cross my mind.

Never budgeting: I waited to be 25K in debt to start tracking my money!

Keeping-up with the Joneses: I charged items to my credit cards to keep-up appearances and “play the part”. I don’t even remember a fraction of what I bought….

Being in denial: this is the biggest mistake of all. By ignoring my debt, I thought it would just disappear….how stupid!

These financial mistakes are pretty common. I learned a lot from them -the hard way-.

What about you? What are some of the mistakes you made with your money?


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