My ways to save money

Since I have started taking a long, hard look at my finances, I have definitely become more frugal and minimalist. However, I do not consider myself as frugal or minimalist.

In this post, I want to share some of the ways I save money.

  • Always ask for a discount/never pay full price: This has kind of become my “financial motto”. Recently, I called my internet & phone provider to review my services. I thought the price was too high and I asked for a discount, mentioning that I have been a long time customer. The company took $ 10/month off my bill. This is a saving of $ 120 per year and all I had to do was asking. By doing so with pretty much everything I can think of, I do save a lot of $$.
  • Don’t be a brand snob: I am not particular at all as to the products’brands. I always buy the cheapest, whether it is toothpaste or pasta. You can’t actually taste or feel the difference in most cases.
  • Repair instead of automatically replacing: since when do we throw a shirt away simply because a button fell off?
  • Do-it-yourself: I do my own cleaning, cooking and laundry. Convenience has a high price tag. I have also tackled minor home improvement projects such as painting my condo.

What about you? How do you save money?


  1. I like the “never pay for full price” motto. I try to do it too. It is amazing how much money you can save. Most people don’t even try…


  2. I price match when I grocery shop and use a credit card than enables me to accumulate points to redeem free groceries. I just realized you’re Canadian, so you’ve heard of PC financial. 🙂

    I make my own coffee and try to pack my lunch the majority of the time. I also buy most of my clothes second hand and try to use coupon codes where applicable when I shop online.


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