Return since inception vs. yearly return

I recently received my December statement for both my RRSP and TFSA portfolio. This portfolio is for retirement purposes only, therefore I don't plan to draw from it until I retire. As an information, its breakdown is as follow: 75 % equities, 20% bonds, 5% cash. Its geographical allocation is predominantly North American, but I …

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Mindful consumption

No, this post is not about me lecturing you on how you should completely change your habits overnight, such as becoming a vegetarian or only use public transit. These, quite frankly makes me cackle more than anything else.  What I would like to accomplish with this post is the start of an internal -or not- …

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Opportunity cost

If you are a reader of the blog, you know I decided to obtain an MBA. I have been studying for almost a year now. Last September, an opportunity came across to study for a semester on the Malaysian campus of my university. After careful budgeting, I decided to accept it. I have been in …

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Alternatives to big cable companies in BC

Not so long ago, in the Lower Mainland – and I am sure it applies to the rest of BC as well-, people basically had 2 options when it came to cable, Internet and home phone services

10 Financial killers

In my previous post, I shared how F.I.R.E. has an element of privilege to it.

The importance of the emergency fund

I have heard a lot of names for the Emergency fund: Back-up fund, F-U fund, Opportunity fund, Rainy-Day fund...whatever you want to call it, it is just semantics. 

To combine finances or not?

When two people are in a committed relationship, the question of moving-in together comes-up at some point.

My personal tips to save money

At the Money Savvy Blog, we regularly receive questions on "how to save money".