5 Examples of Wealth That Aren’t Money Related

A wealth mindset isn’t just about money. As a matter-of-fact, most wealth has nothing to do with money at all.

Money is a by-product of a wealth mindset. A wealth mindset encompasses every aspect of life – health, relationships, and our overall attitude about people in general.

Let’s look at some examples of wealth that aren’t money related.

A Loving Family

Having a family who loves you and chooses to spend time with you when there are a million other options is a true testimony to wealth.

Since emigrating to Canada in 2006, I’ve stopped taking my family for granted. Long distances and rare visits helped me correct my behavior. 2 years of pandemic made me further realize how precious my family is to me.


If you are fit and have excellent mobility, you are wealthy. Making the choices to eat well, exercise regularly, and be in nature are all examples of good investments.

You may also be blessed with good family genes.

Just like your money, making smart moves with your health reaps great returns. The truth is that our health has a huge impact on our capacity to earn money.

Functioning Relationships

If you have friends you can count on and have healthy relationships with people in your inner circle, you are wealthy. True friendships come from investing time and energy. Being able to be a good friend and experience true companionship is priceless.

A Purpose-driven Life

Those who have a purpose-driven life are wealthy. Knowing that there is more to life than immediate gratification and having a willingness to give creates wealth of another economy. Being willing to focus on a cause or a purpose creates a meaningful existence that surpasses what money can buy.

Being a Generous Person

Truly wealthy people are givers. You don’t need money to give. Sure, the more you have, the more you can give, but you don’t have to wait until you have an overflow to be generous. Being a generous person, no matter how small, creates a domino effect. Generosity breeds kindness, friendships, a sense of purpose, and a form of wealth money can’t replace.

Final Word

It’s a common mistake to believe that wealth is tied to economics. It makes sense that money is a measurement for how wealthy someone is materially, but no amount of money determines someone’s wealth in every area of life.

How you approach one thing is generally how you approach all things. So, it goes to show that being focused on wealth in different areas of life will lead to wealth in your bank account as well.

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