Generosity – Giving More to Have More and Be More

There are “laws” of the universe that don’t make sense in the natural. Gravity is a law that makes sense when you are within Earth’s atmosphere but doesn’t apply in space.

Another law is generosity – how giving things away actually creates more. It might not make sense in the context of living paycheck to paycheck but being generous no matter how much or how little you have creates wealth.

Generosity creates a synergy that boomerangs and comes back to you in a compounding way. What you put out truly comes back.

Let’s see how.

Generosity Creates a Kinder Heart

Giving to others creates kindness between the giver and the receiver. Knowing you are making an impact on someone else creates a warmth and the sort of pride that isn’t selfish – it’s actually selfless.

Generosity Opens Eyes

Stingy people filter the world through a narrow lens. They see people in need as, well, needy. They see those who have less as unfortunate but as not their problem. They believe that others in need simply need to go to work and earn their right to have the things they need. That working hard is the key to abolishing poverty.

Generosity opens your eyes to the kindnesses and giving that comes from all sorts of places. You don’t have to give money to be generous. People are actually giving all the time. Giving their time, their resources, their smiles, and whatever someone needs in the moment.

Generosity is Humbling

Generous people are often humbled by the needs of others and the generosity of even the poorest of people. Getting to know someone who needs something from you that they can never repay is an opportunity to understand struggles you know nothing about. Generosity offers an opportunity to see the needs of the world and stop living closed mindedly. 

You need not look far to hear a story about generosity and how the effort returned tenfold. From the endorphins release from doing the right thing to literal rewards that happened moments after giving, there are countless stories of how giving gave the giver more than they gave away.

Final Word

Being generous doesn’t have to be about money. Here are some tips for giving that are simple and easy:

  • Donate gently used items to a nonprofit organization
  • Help mentor a child or tutor a student
  • Provide foodstuffs or meals for a food pantry
  • Babysit for a single parent

Being generous never made anyone poor; generosity is actually part of a solid wealth mindset.

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