Handling a no-fault car accident in BC

A couple of months ago, I settled with ICBC regarding a car accident I was involved in back in October 2017, and for which I was not responsible.

Handling an at-fault car accident in BC

British-Columbia is one of 3 provinces in Canada that has an at-fault system when it comes to car accident.

Stress-testing your finances

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) implemented a new mortgage rule that will come into effect on January 1st 2018.

Annuities basics

Upon retirement, many people decide to convert their savings into an annuity. But what is an annuity? 

Term insurance vs. permanent insurance

Life insurance is probably one of the most confusing and complex financial product out there.

Travel insurance explained

Many Canadians believe their healthcare system is universal, but it is actually not exactly true.

Auto insurance basics in BC

In Canada, auto insurance is mandatory. Each province and territory has its own requirements

Pros and cons of group benefits

Group benefits are various insurances an employee can get from their employer, such as extended health or life insurance. In Canada, the healthcare system is provincial, not federal. Each province has its own rules, rates and financing. In British Columbia, a lot of items are not covered by the Medical Service Plan (MSP), including medication, …

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Insurance you probably don’t need

As I previously mentioned a few types of insurance are a necessity. But there are also policies you can definitely do without. Mortgage life & disability insurance : all financial institutions will try -hard- to sell you life & disability insurance on your mortgage. Don't buy these from your lender, as they are not advantageous …

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Life insurance needs & being single

All too often we hear that single people with no dependents don’t need life insurance, period. I encourage single people with no dependents to ponder this statement and take a closer look at their personal situation. There are occurrences when it actually makes sense to have life insurance, even if you are single. Dependents are …

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