Condo-buying mistakes

I have been re-assessing my living situation lately.

Strata myths debunked

As both a condo owner and council member, I have learnt a lot on strata living over the last couple of years. I  noticed people definitely have some misconceptions about condo living. Some of them could be very costly! The strata's insurance covers everything. This is by far the biggest myth around. Your belongings and …

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Numbers to look at when condo-buying

Condo-living has become increasingly popular in Vancouver. It is not surprising when the price of a single, detached home is close to $1 million in the city. If, like many, buying a condo is your only option, you need to look at more than the contents of the minutes when making a decision. In British …

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Condo insurance

A lot of condo owners have a misconception of what condo insurance is, and the type of personal coverage they need. Before I elaborate on this, I would like to do a brief clarification on semantics. Depending on where you live, the “condominium world” has different names. In British Columbia, where I live, it is …

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