The personal aspect of personal finances

I sometimes wonder if I will ever be able to “make it” in the ever-growing, online world of personal finances. I have read a lot of blogs from folks seemingly like me, who have knocked down massive amounts of debt in record times. I am nowhere close to what they have accomplished….and in fact, that’s perfectly fine!

First, other people are not like me…and I am not like them either. The key word in personal finances is “personal”. We all have our unique situation, circumstances and priorities. Mine are both to pay off my debt and re-build my emergency fund.

Some will argue I should get rid of all the debt first and start saving after. This may make sense, but not for me. Other will say I should ramp-up my debt repayment or my income, or both. This also makes sense…but not for my current situation. On taking a closer look at my expenses, one might say I spend too much on this and not enough on that. They may be right, but again, my spending makes sense -and more importantly works -for me.

My bottom-line is that my budget is balanced, my debt is in repayment and I am saving. I am exactly where I need to be, financially, plus I can afford to have some fun while doing all of this. I will definitely not knock down 25K of debt in 3 months, and it is actually not the point. Well, at least it is not my point.

I have noticed some personal finances ’bloggers tend to be very critical and judgmental of anyone who doesn’t do what they do, as if their way was the only one, true way. As far as I am concerned, your personal finances are not my personal finances….

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