Things I refuse to pay for

We all have our financial pet peeves. Here are a few items I refuse to pay for:

Cell phone. A lot of people receive bills equating to a car loan payment or weeks’ worth of grocery shopping. Have you noticed how a $ 25 monthly plan always balloon into $ 50 or $ 60? I have! I am probably one of the few people on this planet not glued to my cell phone. I haven’t upgraded my cell in years and I am on a prepaid plan that costs $ 11 a month, not a cent more.

Bottled water. Here, in the Lower Mainland, we are blessed with top-quality tap water. For the most part,  bottled water is just regular water that was purified, with a mark-up of 4 000%! Most people complain of gas prices, yet have no problem forking $2 or more for a liter of purified tap water…

Coffee or tea. The mark-up for a cup of basic coffee or tea made by a barista is around 300%. It costs pennies to make your own coffee or tea.

Movie tickets and popcorn. The mark-up on the popcorn is close to 2 000%. This form of entertainment is not cheap. I use my air miles to pay for this–popcorn included-.

Big, fancy cars with fancy gadgets. I don’t understand why people spend tons of money on a depreciating asset. A bigger, fancier car will cost more in terms of gas, insurance and maintenance. It won’t do a better job in getting you from point A to point B than a basic, smaller model.

Gluten-free food. Unless you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease by your doctor, there is little to no scientific evidence that going gluten free will make any difference for you. Your wallet, however, will definitely feel it. Gluten-free items cost 2 to 3 times more than regular ones.

What about you? What do you refuse to pay for?



  1. You are still paying for your cell phone though. I totally agree with the gluten-free hype. This one is ridiculous!


    1. Yes, I have a cell phone and pay for it. Let’s say I don’t want to break the bank on this item, so to some extent I refuse to pay for that.
      I also have a car, but it is a basic, small model.


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