More than funding, you need analysis and planning

All too often, we put a huge emphasis on "saving". This is particularly true in the PF blogosphere.

CERB transition

The Federal Government has just announced CERB would be extended for another, final 4 weeks. I have explained this program at length here. It was created in April but the benefit was back-dated to March of this year. It had already been extended once in June, for a maximum of 22 weeks or 6 eligibility …

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Alternate paths to F.I.R.E.

F.I.R.E. stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. This movement has gained popularity in recent years.

CESB explained

Until last week, very little financial relief was available to students

Lost your job? Don’t make these 3 mistakes!

There is a high probability you've been impacted by Covid-19. Whether you caught it, had to stay home to take care of children or lost your job, this virus definitely has had a huge impact on our lives and routines. In Canada, it may be weeks before we can go back to some semblance of …

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CERB updated

I previously wrote a post about the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, mainly to summarize the qualification criteria. This benefit has since been expanded to include more people. Additional clarifications were also provided. Updated eligibility criteria In order to receive CERB, you need to meet the following conditions: You’re a worker -either employed or self-employed- and …

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CERB explained

This coming Monday, the application portal to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit -CERB- will open. CRA is already anticipating an overload on the system and has broken down application days by month of birth. The breakdown is here. The Agency has also provided more details in regards to eligibility. I will kindly summarize …

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“Here for you” is all relative

If you live in Canada, you've probably received lots of e-mails from your financial institution and other service providers letting you know they are "here for you" in these uncertain times. I certainly have. I found these messages to be anxiety-producing, to be honest. But, what does "here for you" actually mean? Perhaps, it's not …

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Coronavirus and your expenses (with a BC twist)

Pandemic or no pandemic, we all have bills to pay....unfortunately. If, like many people, you are already feeling the pinch financially, let me give you some advice on which bills to pay first and any assistance that might be available to you. Since I live in British Columbia, I will provide information about the provincial …

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Coronavirus and your income (or lack thereof)

UPDATE: the 2 benefits previously announced by the Federal Govt have been combined into one: Canada Emergency Response Benefit or CERB. More info here . As we are in uncertain times worldwide, many Canadians are already feeling the pinch, financially. Last week alone, Service Canada registered about half a million new EI claims. Many people …

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