How I fed myself for a week with $ 14.89

I meant to write about this almost 2 months ago.

Groceries in Canada are expensive, and even more in Vancouver. I am always careful when I go to the supermarket. I check the prices, the weekly specials, the coupons ….still my grocery bill has remained rather high.

Right after New Year’s and just before going back to work, I was about to take my weekly trip to the supermarket. I always make a shopping list and usually stick to it.

I opened my cupboards and fridge, and after taking a long look, I noticed both were overflowing with goods. I took another look and started brainstorming a few recipes, based on what I had. It turned out I only needed a few ingredients, for a grand total of $ 14.89.

This experience got me thinking some more. I am pretty much on “automatic pilot” when it comes to grocery shopping. I make a list based on what I want, but don’t necessarily base it on what I have. Sometimes, I even buy a product I already have in stock.

How many times does this happen to you as well? How many items do you have in your cupboards and fridge? How many of these do you end-up throwing-away or not using for months?

Needless to say I saw a good dip in my monthly grocery expenses in January!

Actually, there is a lot of popular challenges to reduce the grocery bill. One of them is called the $ 21 challenge.  It is exactly what is sounds. It challenges to feed yourself with $ 21 a week. The challenge is largely based on the supplies you already have on hand.

Coincidentally, in BC, $ 21/week  is what is left of the monthly welfare payment to buy food.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not mixing-up the 2 and I am definitely not implying it is easy to feed oneself with $ 21 a week!

I was able to get by with $ 14.89 for a whole week because my cupboards were overflowing with food. Someone on welfare does not have this luxury.

This not something I would be able to do each week. That being said, I can see myself trying a few times a year.

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