PC Express review

Please note this is not a sponsored post. This review is based on my experience only. PC Express is a click-and collect service owned by Loblaw Companies. Various stores offer PC Express, including Real Canadian Superstores in British Columbia. As a PC Insiders' member, I don't pay to use PC Express, so I decided to …

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It is not just the latte (factor)

David Bach popularized the "latte factor" term. The concept emphasizes the long-term cost of small, everyday purchases such as coffee, cigarettes, magazines and so on.

How I fed myself for a week with $ 14.89

I meant to write about this almost 2 months ago. Groceries in Canada are expensive, and even more in Vancouver. I am always careful when I go to the supermarket. I check the prices, the weekly specials, the coupons ....still my grocery bill has remained rather high. Right after New Year's and just before going …

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Is couponing worth it?

If you live in North America, you have probably heard of the TV show Extreme Couponing. In this program, people aggressively clip coupons, go shopping and end-up with a massive amount of products costing them $ 5.00 or less. I am sure a lot of people are envious, and would love to have the same …

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Tips to save on groceries

In France- where I come from- it is very common to buy everything at the supermarket. When I write “everything”, I really mean it, from wine to shampoo, appliances to clothes, you name it, you will find it, and most importantly, you won’t break the bank. In Canada, it is definitely not the case. Although …

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The cost of eating-out

Maybe you don’t like to cook; or you don’t know how to cook; or you just don’t have time after a long day at work to cook; or you don’t have time to make a lunch box before going to work in the morning. Whatever your reason is, you end-up eating out a lot. Have …

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