I spent $101.65 to celebrate Christmas


Canadian households spend an average of $ 1 000.00 for Christmas. I personally find this amount excessive. Christmas is only one day out of 365.

I’ve never had any issue being a bit of a Grinch over Christmas, and this year was no exception. The ongoing, never-ending Covid pandemic made it even easier.

Here’s the breakdown of how I celebrated Christmas with $ 101.65.

Christmas deco: $ 38.82

The most expensive items were poinsettia plants. I really like these. They made any room feel warm and festive.

Other than the poinsettias, I mainly re-used my decorations and only bought a couple new ones.

Gifts: $31.69

Just like the Royal Family, we exchanged gag gifts.

I didn’t buy and send any gifts to my family in France. Postage from Canada is usually more expensive than the value of the gifts. We also experienced lost packages and some that arrived long after Christmas.

After discussing the matter with my family, we agreed not to do it anymore. We’re only exchanging gifts in person.

Food and booze: $ 31.14

This year, we decided to have turkey and all the trimmings.

We shared the left-overs and it meant an extra meal.

Having a great, relaxing time: priceless

That’s all I spent this Christmas. I had a really nice time, in good company. I skyped with my family on Christmas day.

Just like in 2020, practicing gratitude helps me go through yet another challenging year. My challenges were all relative though. I had a job to see me through financially and I received 2 doses of vaccine.

I don’t know what 2022 has in store, but I’ll be happy to resume posting in January.

Thank you for reading my blog and for following me.

Happy Holidays!

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