6 Suggestions to See Friends Without Spending Tons of Money

Everyone likes to spend time with their friends, even more in a Covid-vaccinated world. But if you’re on a tight budget, it can seem daunting to meet with your friends without blowing it. However, the truth is, most people really don’t want to go out and spend tons of money. They’re happy just to see each other.

Stay Home

This works for folks who have enough space at home to invite people over. Doing things like playing games, watching movies on TV, and eating a nice meal at home is always fun – especially if you take turns going to each other’s homes so that everyone gets a break eventually-. Potluck parties remain an all-time favorite of mine.

Go to a Park

Meeting at a park to walk, jog, play frisbee or other things like that is also a fun and inexpensive way to do things with your friends. It’s always more motivating to exercise and do physical activities with friends than alone. Doing it with friends while enjoying deep conversations and laughter makes it better.

Go Hiking

You can make hiking more exciting if you add geocaching to it. This is a fun way to enjoy time with friends without spending money. If you’ve never done geocaching, you’re missing out. It’s very interesting.


Volunteer Together

Depending on how healthy you all are, you can attend volunteering events together. They can be related to larger events or a regular thing like building houses with Habitat for Humanity. If you can find something that is more regular that you can do on a good schedule, it’ll become a habit to do it.

Start a Book Club

This is a great way to spend an evening. You can host it at home with BYOB drinks and snacks to make it even cheaper. Choose a book, read it, and meet regularly to discuss the reading assignment.

Learn Something New

You don’t have to pay for a costly class. Each of your friends, including you, are an expert at something. Set up a monthly class where you can take turns teaching friends new things. You can do anything anyone is interested in.

Final Word

You may be one of the first in your friends’ group to start planning more inexpensive but fun events, but likely they’ll enjoy it so much they’ll follow suit and start planning free or cheap things themselves to avoid spending too much money on entertainment.

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