Stop Having These 2 Conversations About Money

What we think about, we tend to bring about. What we speak, we create. It’s that simple. The things we think and the things we say determine a lot of our outcomes in life. If we speak doom and gloom, that’s what we may find. If we speak life and love…. we may find it too.

In this moment, you may have a bank account in the red and feel under employed and over extended. Your reality might look bleak and hopeless, but what you say about your reality has an impact on your future, not just your present.

Sure, things may seem dire, but you can do something that doesn’t cost a dime to start changing things. Stop having these two conversations about money:

  1. Stop saying there’s not enough.
  2. Stop blaming your lack on someone or something else

It’s possible there’s not enough at this moment. I know that you can list a bunch of reasons why your lack is connected to someone or something else but leaning into those conversations is keeping you stuck. Even if these statements are true, knowing it just identifies a problem that needs solving. Here are some suggestions to solve the problems.

Stop Having These 2 Conversations

Whether it’s with your mom, your spouse, your friends or yourself, stop talking about the lack and whose fault it might be. Stop ruminating about what’s wrong and start speaking life into the issue.

Practice Gratitude

Although money may be tight at the moment, is there enough to pay your rent? To put food on the table? To put gas in your car…so that you can go to work, among other things? Then be grateful.

Research has demonstrated times and times over that being grateful is associated with long-term happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. I’ve written about my own experience practicing gratitude here and here.

Focus on what you have, instead of obsessing on what you don’t have. Your mindset will gradually shift if you’re consistently grateful.

Take Responsible Action

I hate to the be one to get gruff, but a lot of the time spending habits are part of a money shortage. It’s true that your income may fall short of your needs, but could it also be true that a lot of the spending decisions you make aren’t within your means?

If you can’t make your budget work, then maybe it’s time to find a higher-paying job? Or take a second job? If you’re stuck professionally, then it may be time to retrain or upgrade your skills.

Final Word

A wealth mindset doesn’t deny that money is a valuable resource and requires effort to acquire. A wealth mindset also sees setbacks and roadblocks as problems to be solved. Set about finding solutions instead of simply steeping in the doom and gloom.

How you speak over your life impacts the experiences you have. Stop having negative money conversations in your head and with others, and you will start to see an improvement in your financial situation but also in your personal satisfaction, and your life in general.

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